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You may have heard a crown referred to as a cap before. That is because a crown is a type of tooth restoration that fits snuggly around a tooth that has been weakened, either by trauma or decay. Crowns can be made from metal, ceramics, or a combination of both. Depending on your crown's location and the biting forces it will be under, we will recommend which material will be best for your tooth. A crown restores the form and function of your tooth and minimizes the chance of further breakdown.


A bridge can be used to replace missing teeth. The teeth next to the space from a missing tooth are prepared similar to how they are prepared for crowns. The lab then fabricates a unit that fits over these teeth and replaces the missing tooth with a fake tooth.


A crown or bridge usually requires two appointments. At the first appointment we will rebuild your teeth with filling material, prepare your teeth for a crown or bridge, and take a few impressions for our lab. A temporary crown or bridge will be placed on your teeth at the end of this visit. Your second appointment will typically be two weeks later. At this appointment your temporary crown or bridge will be removed, and we will try in the crown or bridge that was fabricated at the lab. If everything looks good to your dentist and you, the crown or bridge will be cemented.


After a crown or bridge is placed, it is important to care for those teeth just like any others with regular brushing and flossing.