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How to Care for Your Denture

If you or a loved one wears dentures, it is important to remember that dentures still require care and maintenance. Denture cleaning tablets, toothpastes and brushes can be purchased in the regular toothpaste/toothbrush aisle at most stores.  Below are some other guidelines for denture care.

  • Take your dentures out after meals to rinse.

  • Take your dentures out when you sleep. Place them in a cup with water or a mild denture cleaning solution.

  • When cleansing your denture, place a towel on the counter or in the sink, in case you drop them.

  • When dentures are removed, clean remaining teeth and/or tissues that support the denture with a soft toothbrush, clean cloth, or gauze.

  • Brush dentures at least 1X a day!

  • Avoid hot water and abrasive cleaners!

  • If a spot is sore or your denture feels loose, call us to schedule an appointment!

  • It is important to still visit your dentist. We will preform an exam to make sure your mouth and gums are healthy and professionally clean your dentures.